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Best deep sea fishingWhen you start living or visit a coastal city such as Dubai, it comes as no surprise that you want to try fishing as a sport or hobby. It is no doubt a thrilling yet relaxing way to unwind after the hectic schedule you face in the office.

You don't have to be a professional fisher or angler to successfully get a catch or maybe more. We are here to guide to have an expert by your side or do it on your own with the tips of experienced personnel during deep sea fishing in Dubai offers services for an unforgettable outing in the Arabian Sea. If you are a newbie, don’t stress out. Try these tips while fishing in the waters of the UAE

  1. Do you know the type of fish you want to catch? It is important. If you don't know much about their diet, habits, and biology, catching them becomes difficult. Get a hold over the calendar of fishing area. It is essential to research and read information to catch the fishing swimming beneath your boat.
  2. The second important thing is the location where you are placing your anchor. Submerged wood, a structure like humps or rocks are considered as the best points. It is essential to bait at the right spot to guarantee a catch.
  3. Gears are important. Use high-quality hooks and lines. It is not necessarily an expensive shopping, but make sure you are getting what you paid money for. At My Cruises, we offer supreme quality gear with our fishing trip package. As we don't want you to go home with a disappointment.
  4. Fishing in DubaiMake sure you know how to tie a retie and knot. For a successful fisher, lose knows are a nightmare. If you get catches, don’t forget to sharp the hook time to time.
  5. Before using lures, you should keep a note of clarity of the water and related color for specific lures. If the water is clear use natural colors if it is darker use brighter lures. As the depth increases, the color changes. In deeper water, most of the things look black.
  6. Time is also an important aspect of fishing. 30 minutes after the sunset, moonset, moonrise, and sunrise is considered as the best time.
  7. Be patient! It is not a regular sport and it is surely not guaranteed that you will have a catch on each fishing trip in Dubai you make.