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As a foreigner or even as a native, you feel skeptical about taking a tour of the desert in Dubai. You have hundreds of questions that typical tour agencies don’t even bother to answer. Here we have covered the most frequently asked questions that might clear your view about the Arabian safari in Dubai.

Pick and drop services for safari tour

  1. Will I Receive Pick and Drop Services?

Every registered tour company in Dubai offers you a 4x4 insured drive. They pick you from your location and drop you after the tour ends.

  1. How many People can go at one tour?

It doesn’t matter. Almost every tour agency in Dubai can accommodate every size of the group due to the masses of tourists coming to Dubai. The numbers of people going for the tour to Arabian safari Dubai also don’t affect the transportation. There is a variety of fleet available to help you go to your tour together with your friends, colleagues and family.

  1. How Much Time Does a Tour Take?

It depends upon your deal. It can be a 4 hours morning tour that involves dirt biking and breakfast or a whole day tour, overnight tour or a midday 7 hours tour. You get to choose whichever offer you find suitable.

Clothes for safari tour in Dubai

  1. Do We Get Food for Vegetarians in Desert?

Dubai is known for its vegetarian food and this tourism feature doesn’t cut it when it comes to safari dessert. There are a number of spots and eateries where you can have your mouthwatering vegan and gluten-free food.

  1. What kind of Clothes Should I Wear?

Lightweight clothes with minimum jewelry and other accessories are recommended for Arabian safari tours in Dubai. It is advised for men to wear shorts or cotton pants and women to wear pants or other comfortable attires. Keep your sunglasses with you can wear comfortable shoes like sandals to avoid sand ruining them.

  1. Do I need to carry my Snacks?

No. The agencies or tour guides you travel with provide you with all the snacks, water, juice and other stuff. However, you must take care of your medical needs and inform them beforehand so that they can arrange things for you.