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Many people travel to Dubai or other countries and prefer a furnished hotel apartment in Dubai or other countries because it is much cheaper as compared to a hotel room.

Travelling is my passion. You would have heard a lot of people saying this. The idea of going to new places, spending quality time with loved ones, meeting new people and building relations, how interesting.

But in practical life, when it’s time to really plan for a trip, it has become our every time habit to make excuses and finally be at home or go to grand ma’s or a friend’s house.

We are too busy with our lives; jobs, family, kids and other responsibilities have bound us so much that we have no time even to think about us. During such a hard schedule, thinking about planning and making a trip raises our blood pressure and gives fits of anxiety.

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I , myself am included in the  above category; always planned but never fulfilled. I was always in a chance to get a travelling job because I knew I couldn’t travel on my own( as I was not financially strong and also I kept other matters  of my life above travelling).

And now, Iam employed in Dubai. Living in a furnished hotel apartment, playing in Dirham

 The only thing I miss for myself is time. I only get free on weekends and now I don’t miss a single chance of travelling. I travel through Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi etc.

But nowadays, earning money is above all the other responsibilities of life. No matter how important our happiness is, no one cares about it. Man has become a machine. Life is like a race.

Since when money has become so important that we have forgotten ourselves? That we have forgotten our values for money? We only earn money; we do not spend it like the way it should be spent. Money should be spent for our well-being, for the well-being of our loved ones. Money should not become so important that we forget our norms for it.

Now coming back towards travelling. If you have a desire to travel, don’t keep it aside as I did. Take travelling as a habit. The world has become so fast. If you are strong financially, you can travel anywhere in the world.  Don’t worry about your stay.  A plenty of hotels and hotel apartments are available in almost every country.

If you are going to visit a country, make sure you make reservations for a hotel room or hotel apartment before you leave for Dubai. I think you should prefer hotel apartment as it is cheaper as compared to hotel rooms. The main advantage of a hotel apartment is that it provides you with a furnished kitchen in which every facility is available. That is why it is more convenient for those who like to cook food by themselves and don’t trust hotels if hygiene is concerned.

If you visit Dubai, and any difficulty regarding the booking of furnished hotel apartment in Dubai is concerned, try to connect with Emirates Star Hotels as they provide the best services in the whole world. So, do not make any excuse to suppress your liking because this will suppress your own personality, too.