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So, you have off to Dubai for a holiday and thinking of renting a car? Good idea! It is not only convenient but cost effective and multi-purpose. You are able to hire a vehicle type according to your holiday plans, which is absolutely great. Car hire in Dubai is very popular amongst tourists as it is an easy and quick way to get around the city. But if you have not yet driven on the roads of the magnificent Dubai, there are probably a few things you should know. These tips will help ensure that you drive safely in your rental car.

Understand the Driving Style

Firstly, and possibly most importantly, you should note that Dubai is a right-hand road driving country. The conditions of the roads and the road sign systems are simply state-of-the-art so you should not encounter too many issues there. What we do suggest is that you use a navigation system to make your traveling in Dubai as easy as it can be. Overall, with a country that has so much to offer, you won't be disappointed at all.

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Residents Driving Habits

Regardless of which foreign country you visit, you will always have to consider the driving habits of the locals. Tourists in Dubai are treated with tolerance but for some tourists, driving in Dubai can be quite daunting and nervous tends to cause problems on the road. If you are a nervous driver perhaps plan your trip ahead on Google Maps to give you a little added confidence when driving.

Keep Your Official Documents Ready

You should ensure that you have all your official documents when driving in Dubai. In the event of an officer of law requesting to see your documents or in the worst-case scenario, such as an accident, it would be vital for you to have these. As a whole, Dubai runs very efficiently, and you should encounter no issues whatsoever but being prepared should always be your first goal, nonetheless. All violations are listed on a common database in Dubai, which might hinder your chances of returning to the country, should you wish to do so.

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Understand Parking Tickets and Fines

Be prepared to pay for parking as most of all parking in Dubai is paid-per-hour parking. If you violate this rule, chances are you will be towed away and would have to follow the procedure of releasing your rental car. As a word of advice, do not attempt to bribe police officers in Dubai. This is a serious offense and could land you in a lot of trouble.

Choose A Reputable Car Leasing Agency

With cheap weekly car rental Dubai, you are able to scoot around the city without a hefty price tag. However, if you are keen on a luxury vehicle, rest assured that there are plenty to choose from. You can make an excellent choice when choosing a reputable car rental company that is professional yet competitively priced.