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Yacht Rental In UAE

Chartering a yacht for a long vacation or the weekend is an amazing way to give your family or friends a much-needed getaway.

Most of these vessels are fully equipped with all modern facilities, capable of going the distance if you want to visit lagoons, and fully furnished in luxurious style.

Even though many of them are quite expensive, a charter cost based on daily rent is economical and worth it when compared to all the great advantages you get. It is like a home away from home, with enough space and all kinds of amenities to keep you comfortable throughout your trip.

In the following article, we cover the major choices available to people who want to rent yachts, and basic information about these vessels, to help you choose.

Super Yachts

These yachts are the biggest among the fleet you can choose from, and come with every piece of functionality you can dream of. As such, they provide the perfect choice for people who want to go away for a long time, and love visiting exotic destinations all around the world.

As the largest and most expensive vessels available for hire, they come with a range of amazing add-ons included in the charter price, among which your own private chef, Jacuzzis, pools, gym and recreational center, and amazing water sports gear are just some.

Additionally, depending on which part of the world you charter them from, they can take you in to the distance to explore other shores and lagoons, with different regions giving you a unique experience.

The European coast for instance is famous for its sights and beauty, while the Mediterranean is considered a prime choice for those looking for privacy and seclusion.

Yacht Rental In Dubai

Luxury Yachts

The major kinds of luxury yachts include catamarans, and vessels powered by motors or sails. Each of these choices come with a unique set of benefits, and yacht rental company in UAE - Seven Yachts brokers could help you decide which one best suits your needs and budget.

Luxury yachts also provide a great setting for special events, whether it is a family celebration or a corporate event to entertain guests and clients. Some of these vessels are huge and extremely spacious, capable of accommodating over 100 guests and more.

Crewed Luxury Yachts

Crewed charters are vessels that have an entire team of people to make your stay comfortable and welcoming. This includes people who will captain and assist navigation, stewards and stewardesses, and waiters and chefs to make dining an unforgettable experience.

As fully stocked luxury vessels they come with several facilities such as water toys, entertainment devices, and fully furnished cabins and rooms.

The captain and his team will also be able to entertain your requests to see and explore certain special destinations.