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When visiting Dubai, one of the important things is the arrangement of your transport. You have to choose from the options of buying a car, public transport, or finding any cheap rent a car Dubai for renting a car of your choice by keeping your budget intact.

Buying a car can be very expensive. Public transport can be a bit too much, you will have to hassle to the stations and then from the stations to your desired destination. The only sensible option you are left with is the rent a car option.

Cheap rent a car in DubaiDubai is a society that is governed by rules and renting a car is no different. Below are the rent a car rules that you need to be aware of.

Driving License

If you are a tourist in Dubai on a visit visa and have an international driving license, it will help you a great deal. European and GCC driving license holders don’t face any problems while renting a car in UAE. While a UAE resident will need to have a valid driving license to avail of this service.

Age limit

We know that the minimum age limit to drive a car in Dubai is 18 years. However, you cannot rent a car unless you are 21 years. Also, the driving license for renting a car must be 6 months older.

Salik charges and fines

Security depositAll penalties and fines by the renting company will be charged in the final receipt of the person renting the car. When it comes to Salik, Dubai toll collection system, it will also be mentioned in the final bill.

Insurance policy for rentals

In Dubai, almost all car rental companies include the Collision, Damage, Waiver, etc in the final bill. So, you need to be sure of the company’s policy before renting a car from any cheap rent a car Dubai per day. Keep in mind to ask about the inclusion or exclusion of insurance before renting. Prefer a vehicle that is insured otherwise you will be paying additionally for any mishap or accident, while the car is with you.

Security Deposit

One rule in UAE is that you have to deposit a security fee to the company before the company hands over the car to you. This is done in case there is any damage to the car or you meet an accident, then the rental companies can claim the loss if it is not recovered by the insurance companies.