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Mitsubishi Pajero IVMitsubishi Pajero IV

Mitsubishi Pajero IV is a representative class jeep, suitable for city and off-road driving. Its individuality and expression are accented by the radiator grill and the front bumper, supplemented with fine fusible tire covers. More than that, Mitsubishi Pajero IV is equipped with the front protection and black railings on the roof for maximum functionality.


Land Cruiser DefenderLand Cruiser Defender

Engineers of the Land Cruiser Defender model have equipped the vehicle with the blockage function of differential gears for driving on sharp slopes without slip. The vehicle is capable to go over any barriers due to the sufficient road clearance. The jeep offers 90% capacity of the diesel engine and unique dragging possibilities.


Jeep RubiconJeep Rubicon

Jeep Rubicon was especially developed for extreme off-road driving. The model is rich with a variety of functional tools, such as electronic front and back differential blocking devices and adjustable stabilizers. The advanced balance control resists turnovers and makes the vehicle perfectly suitable for desert safari and speed driving in off-road conditions.


Hummer H2Hummer H2

Hummer H2 is one of the most maneuver and navigable modern jeep models. Sharp outer design imparts strong features to the vehicle, better observation opportunities and expands interior area. The elongated wheel frame provides road sustainability and high comfort level for passengers during extreme driving; short overhangs allow to overcome different barriers.